Sweet potato fries for finger food

Guest post written by Brandi Whitehead

After all the holidays, I thought that it would be fun to invite my girlfriends over and have a girls-only party to just catch up. At first I thought about fixing dinner, but then I decided to just fix some finger food to make it a little bit easier on me and let us talk and enjoy each other's company a lot more.

Well, I sent out several e-invites about it and got a really great response. I thought that it would be an easy way to let everyone know. Then I went online to find some recipes to fix for the occasion and when I was doing that I ran across this site http://www.satellitestarinternet.com/ and decided to switch over my internet service to the provider as a result.

I got the idea to fix some sweet things, but I also wanted to fix a few regular side dishes too, including sweet potato fries. Those were a pretty big hit and got gone pretty quick. It was really nice to catch up with everyone.