Got expired coupons??

Are you disappointed when you have a great coupon in your stash, only to find out it's already EXPIRED? Well, this has been a secret of mine that I want to share with all of YOU!

Photo from: Frugal Fritzie

Don't throw out any coupons! My favorite place to shop (TARGET) for the necessities (and the not so necessity) accepts expired coupons! It's no joke, I'm not kidding! I've known this for years (because my Husband had worked for them years ago), but it seems many people still do not know. I've told many of my friends and family and they were surprised! So if you didn't already know....NOW YOU KNOW! I'm not sure if Walmart accepts expired coupons.

This little secret can come in handy for everyone who loves to save money! I have used coupons that were over a year old! So this goes for manufacturers coupons as well as their own store coupons! So no more throwing out those expired coupons...put them to great use!!!

Happy Savings!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I did NOT KNOW. Now I do. :)

  2. Perfect for baby stuff! (Diapers,wipes, food, necessities). That's when I took full advantage of it.


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