Dryn' Shape full review

YAY!!! My Dryn' Shape has arrived. I was so anxious for this product that I had kept checking the tracking of the package one I received from Sigma that it had been shipped.

So it arrived and I was excited to clean my brushes. Ok, who gets excited to clean brushes? I am now since I don't have to wait forever! Now, I haven't used the brush guards before, I usually just wash, shape and dry the brushes myself.
 The elastic holder is the key to applying the right amount of pressure to the bristles to properly remove all the water from every fiber. The fabric used in this system is supposed to accelerate water evaporation, as stated by Sigma.

So I started with my Sigmax Brushes and a few of my other Sigma brushes as well as my thickest, biggest ELF brush which is the powder brush and also their complexion brush. (not pictured here)

 Making sure all brushes are fit snug and into the elastic holder.
 I washed all of my other Sigma brushes, but didn't use the Dry'n shape since they were smaller and don't need as much attention to reshape or squeze out water.

 Ok, ready, set, GO! Here's all the brushes ready to dry. One thing I like to do is to actually hang my brushes upside down to have all the water and moisture drip completely down to the tip of the bristles instead of into the ferrule and handle.

After exactly 4 hours, I went to check on the brushes. I checked the F80. As soon as I pulled it out of the holder, wasn't completely dry, but it was a lot more dry than it would have been just laying on the counter on top of a towel. As most of you know this usually takes hours on end or even overnight! So I let it dry longer an hour and half more hours got it perfectly dry for me! After I removed them, brushed them a bit, the shape completely bounced back. I didn't have to re-wet and reshape to get the perfect shape or anything. I was completely surprised! I've always said Sigma has not disappointed me with any of their products and this is definitely not an exception! THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY!

Since that went so well with my Sigma brushes...I'm off to Dry'n shape my Enkore/Crown Brushes. (Click here for my post on these brushes) In this set, the C405 (contour brush) is my stubborn one.

Sigma brushes Clean, Dried N Shaped and the Enkore/Crown brushes drying. See you in 4 hours or so....

My final thoughts on the Dry' N Shape system. All in all, it's an amazing product. My main problem when cleaning brushes is the dry time and shaping. This product definitely did what it said to do. "Easy, quick and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes." Say goodbye to the dreadful thought of washing your brushes and waiting to use them. No more planning out, washing them knowing you will not have to use them anytime soon. Bye, bye to the time consuming process washing your brushes take.
The one thing I wish it had was a tighter, more smaller elastic fit for my smaller, but fluffier brushes. Even the smallest holder doesn't fit, snug my smaller brushes. (E35, E40)

Do you have your Dry' N Shape? What has your experience been? Are you a brush guard user? What are you waiting for? GET THE Dry' N Shape now! Next I'm eager for the new line of palettes and the new cleansing and polishing tool which Beautezine blogged about. I {LOVE} when Simone gives us sneak peeks of up and coming products!

SIGMA...you have made my life that much more easier! (Sigh of relief!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I would love to get it but trying to save a bit and stop my shopping splurge. I love Sigma products and will definitely look into this product in the future :)

  2. I know, I shouldn't have bought it, but I couldn't resist. Washing my brushes drove me crazy knowing I'd have to wait so long for them to dry. So I felt like I always had to "plan" when I did them. I love Sigma products too. Everything is awesome!


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