CHALLENGE: 52 Weeks of Me

As a stay at home it is easy to forget about myself. My job is to make sure my boys and Hubby are happy, meals are made, home is tidy, laundry is done and everyone is happy. But truthfully I tend to forget about myself a lot. I tell myself I will make more ME time, do this and that for myself, but if it doesn't get done or I don't get my ME time that just goes unoticed and the day goes on. No big deal. Aside from blogging time, Facebook, Twitter and reading online time, to me that's not really what I call enjoyable ME time. I deserve more! I tried to pamper myself more often, buy myself a little outfit, makeup or something useful for ME (not my kids, the house or the Hubby) but I of course slacked off. Well, I'm ready to change that and to stick it.

I found this challenge on a website Life Not Finished. I think it's such a great way to recognize yourself and the ME time, whatever way it is you choose to spend it. She challenged herself for the year 2011 to do something for herself everyday, even if it's something simple such as buying something for herself. Although I'm 5 months into the year, it's ok. I can still do the 52 weeks and so can YOU!

Would you like to join me in this Challenge?  There are 3 ways to get involved:

1.  You can take the 52 weeks of ME! Challenge and decide to do one thing every week that is just for you!  You can join anytime this year, no matter how many or how few weeks are left.  Simply put the 52 weeks button on your sidebar and send me an email letting me know you are joining me in this challenge and I will list you in the blog roll on this page.  Come back every Friday to link-up what you did that week that was just for you.

2.  Even if you don't want to take the challenge all 52 weeks this year, you can still participate anytime you choose.  Write about what you did that week just for you and link-up any Friday this year.

3.  If you don't have the time to write about your ME! time during the week, that's OK! Just leave a comment on the Friday post about what you did that week to spoil yourself.  Then, spread a little comment love to the other participants. 

It's that easy!  I hope you join me in the Challenge, it will be so much more fun if we do it together.