52 Weeks of ME Challenge: Week 4

After recooperating from a hectic week last week, I was hoping to get more relaxation and ME time. Unfortunately it didn't go that way this week. With the Memorial weekend coming up, I wanted to try to get as much cleaning and chores done before the weekend.

On Monday my parents were still in town and for their last day we decided to spend time together, with my brother and his kids. I allowed my son to stay home from school to spend it with his Mama & Papa. We went to breakfast at The Broken Yolk Cafe in Pacific Beach. If you haven't heard of the place or been there...it's a must, especially when visiting San Diego! There are currently 3 locations in San Diego. It has recently been known famous for an episode on Man vs. Food. At the Broken Yolk, they have what they call the Broken Yolk Cafe Special. It's a

Along with Brunch, of course I had to enjoy a Mimosa for myself!

A great weekend with my parents and spending time with eachother. =)

Once family left, I had loads and loads of laundry. That never seems to end. My kids change close too often. Even when we're just lounging at home, they sometimes change twice in a day! Yes, that drives me nuts! Luckily they've taken on a chore of bringing their laundry baskets down and sorting their laundry into piles. I'm thankful my kids love sorting laundry. That helps me alot.

No spoiling, pampering or shopping for me this week. So much for my ME challenge!