52 week ME Challenge: Week 2

So we all know what a pain Blogger has been for the past few hours. Fooey! Well now that everything is back up I'm happy to do my post!

Let's just say...Sephora, Hautelook (Rock&Republic) and my Sigma Dryn' Shape system.
I received my Rock&Republic eyeshadows from Hautelook. It took quite awhile for them to arrive, but I was happy when they did. I got 4 shadows (Wicked, Sabatoge, Diffused, Revenge) I also received my new Sigma Dryn' Shape system from Sigma. I have a blog post coming up soon on my experience with it. Until then, check out the post I did on it upon its launch last week.

Some of you may know I have been on a hunt for the perfect blue-ish pencil liner. I was using Prussian from M.A.C. (Powerpoint eye pencil) for years. I have since needed to find a new one. I wanted to have a waterproof, longwearing, not too blue, more on the dark blue, almost blue/black shade. So I went on a hunt...I went to Sephora and swatched all the blue-ish eyeliners I found. Even if they weren't waterproof I still swatched it. Take a look at how many different shades of blue pencil eyeliners there are in one store!

So I went to Sephora for ONE item...and I came out with more. Of course, Sephora is just like going to Target or Walmart. You can't just go in for one thing.

 It came down to 2 eyeliners that were in the closest color shade I wanted. One was the Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner in Indigo Ink and one was the Sephora Nano Collection in Blue Jeans. Though this is not waterproof, it was one of the shades I liked.

And of course since I can't go into Sephora without finding something else to purchase...I got these:
The Sunsafety Kit, Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous Daily Duo, Urban Decay 24/7 liner duo, Makeup Forever Sens'eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser, a new face scrub and of cousre the two eyeliners.

My goal for next week..ENJOY! I have family coming to town. Konnor has his last few tball games. We're going to a San Diego Padres game and most of all Konnor's Spring Concert!


  1. let me know if that Sigma drying system works?

  2. I have tried it already! I washed my Crown/Enkore brushes in it. It worked like a charm. I even was able to stand it up so that the water runs down to the bristles and not into the ferrule. But it definitely squeezes the excess water and shapes it well. Next I'll do my Sigmax brushes. My full post to come! =)


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