Unruly, curly, frizzy, stubborn, coarse, damaged...HAIR!

Do you have a collection of hair products that you have tried and didn't work? Does your bathroom cabinets look anything like this? Well this is my hit and miss collection of products. Ridiculous right? My Husband seems to think so. Now that I'm looking at the photo, I think it's ridiculous too! He loves my long curly locks, but doesn't realize how hard it is to maintain.

I have naturally thick, curly, frizzy, stubborn, uncontrollable hair that is coarse underneath, tight and loose curls all around. Maybe DAMAGED hair can sum it up. It's not the easiest hair to do deal with. I've battled with my hair for years. I've had it super long because someone told me it's better to "weigh down the hair" I've had it checmically straightened with the Japanese hair straightening: Yuko and I've had the Brazilian blowout.

The Japanese Hair Straightening: Yuko is a thermal reconditioning. Yuko Hair Straightening System smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary straightening system that uses heat to restructure the hair's protein bond. The result is smooth, sleek, shiny, straight, regenerated (repaired) hair! The best part was that is made your hair STICK straight. The bad part it grew out noticably on your roots. At the time, this was the answer to my prayers. I was tired of fighting with my curly, stubborn, frizzy hair and tired of spending time straightening it. I even got many of my other friends who had curly or frizzy hair to do it. But none of them had thick, stubborn, coarse hair like mine! {Read more about Yuko}

Brazilian Blowout Before
The Brazilian Blowout is better known to the beauty world as the product to the stars. Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan and Halle Berry were some of the celebrities to have had the blowout done. Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.

After months of online research and reviews I decided to get the Brazilian Blowout. In doing so, I wanted to also cut a lot of length off in hopes of making my hair more manageable. The best part there was no waiting period on washing your hair and it didn't grow out at your roots, it just faded away with the wash and growth of your hair and no damage. The bad part? Well, I didn't really have anything bad about it. It still allowed me to wear my hair curly except that I still had to put product in my hair to keep the frizz out.
This treatment really made my hair feel nice, compared to the Yuko treatment. The Yuko had a tendencies to feel dried out whereas, the Brazilian Blowout was smooth, healthy and shiny even after several weeks of washing. All in all I think it was more of a personal preference.
Brazilian Blowout AFTER
Of the two, I loved the Brazilian blowout. But both were affordable for me, but can become pricey after months of touchups and regrowth. Different salons charge different amounts depending on the length of your hair. For my Yuko treatment, I used to travel an hour just to have it done in Glendale, CA. Of course after having kids...it became less about me and more about the kids. So spending hundreds of dollars on my hair became lost in the "All About Me" stage.

What I HATE about my hair:
  • I can't do anything with it when it's DRY
  • I have thick, coarse hair
  • It's thick and frizzy underneath, but perfect on th top layer
  • I can't find the perfect product that will tame my hair
OUIDAD claimed to be able to hydrate and manage all curly haired heads. I tried it out for 6 months, used it and all its products religiously. I was for sure this would be the answer to my curly haired prayers. But I never saw a "real" difference.

Curls Rock by Catwalk is the only hair cream that actually manages certain curls, but doesn't do anything for the frizz ball that's undernearth all my layer of hair. This has since changed their packaging, but not their formula.

My daily hair regime: Wash, nutrient spray (or leave in conditioner), Curls Rock cream and a hair tie or hair clip, just in case...I'm out the door.

I recently started using hair reconditioners as well as hair mask treatments regularly. My favorite now is the L'Oreal Ever Strong collection. Not only do the shampoos and conditioners smell wonderful, but they do seem to be making my hair a bit more softer and manageable. But still the thick, coarse frizzy hair I have underneath needs help!

Let's just say I fight with my hair on a daily. Pony tails, hats and buns are the days when I don't have time to dedicate to adding product (that may or may not work) or spending time flat ironing it.

Do you have curly hair woes? What's your tips and tricks?


  1. I've actually just bought a voucher for a Brazilian hair do - have to still make the appointment and actually go. I so hope it works on my hair.

  2. I loved having the Brazilian Blowout on my hair. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to do it as often as it needed to be done. Good luck with yours! Be sure to blog about it when you get it. I would love to read it.

  3. I love the blow out look on you as well. Natural hair is so versatile!

  4. This website has great information about very specific hair types:

    I agree that the BB is the answer to my prayers for manageable (curly) hair -- and I do *not* have damaged hair!! Good luck finding a terrific solution until you can afford the price-tag again. :)

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