Mommy Guilt

I came across a blog post on one of my favorite blogs to read. Mom & Wife.

totally had an epiphany when reading this post! I am right there with this subject. I find myself seeking to do everything that "they" want us to do with our kids. When in all reality I am the Mom..I run the show in my house. Why do I have to play by their rules. I find myself trying to rush to cook dinner, rush to do laundry..etc to get enough time to do things with the kids. Another excellent not getting stellar meals all the time, because as hectic as my schedule is happens quite often than I'd like.

I thought I had to share my thoughts on this topic because I feel it everyday.
And take a look at this story from ABC News Health: Working Mom Guilt, When the office cuts into home time

Do you have "Mommy Guilt?" How do you deal with it?


  1. Great post Mel! Mommy guilt comes with the job I guess. It's hard enough figuring things out as a first time mom and when everyone non-moms included try to give you their two cents on how YOU should be a parent it can get frustrating. I would say I deal by "sure sure-ing" or letting it go in on ear and out the other. As long as my baby is healthy, happy and thriving. Who care what anyone else says.


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