Learning books for the inquisitive kid

Want a great kid friendly book to help teach your kids about the Human Body?

I recently noticed Konnor having an interest in bones, anatomy and body parts while on the computer at the library. He often asks questions like, "Why do kids get tired?" Or "Why I feel my chest thumping?" So I was at my local Borders bookstore (which unfortunately was closing, but was having an awesome sale 40% off books) in search of a age appropriate book for Konnor, who is 5 years old. I came across this. It was perfect. It's a pop-up book that is filled with detailed, but kid friendly information about the body. The front cover has a heart that is rubbery and feels like what a heart would feel like. It was the perfect birthday gift for a boy that is constantly striving to learn new things.

I also picked up MacMillan's First Dictionary because he is starting to get very inquisitive with words and their meanings lately. I'm not sure if they even teach kids about dictionaries these days in school, but I thought it would be a great learning tool to my son instead of mounds of toys he always gets. (We've been tryingn to cut down on toys lately)

Do you have any favorite books you would recommend for children to learn from?


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