Justin Bieber and Nailpolish?

Justin Bieber and nailpolish? What does he know about nailpolish? Justin Bieber now has a new line of nailpolish called "One Less Lonely Girl" named after one of his hit songs. I am amazed at the beautiful, bright colors in this collection.
According to OPI, The One Less Lonely Girl collection is helping Justin raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization close to Justin’s heart, called Pencils of Promise (PoP). PoP helps to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Justin has joined together with PoP to build 100 schools for children around the world with the help of young people everywhere.

I'm sure many tween girls out there will be having their parents hitting the stores to find these polishes. These will be sold at Walmart, Target, Sears and Ulta. I have my eye on "My Lifesaver", "I've got Bieber Fever" and "One Less Lonely Glitter". You don't have to have Bieber Fever to want to try these colors from OPI. What colors will you be willing to try?


  1. Hmm not sure what to think about that one. The colors are nice and the idea behind them is noble. Although, I'm leaning towards his camp trying to score in on the tween market. I just seems odd to me that a male pop star is marketing girl products. Shrug, just my two cents.

  2. Exactly!!! Perfect marketing! That's all it is! =)


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