Bows, Balloons, Cupcakes and lots of FUN!

The BBC Mixer was hosted by Elessa of Pursebuzz and Korrin of EnKoreMakeup. The mixer to place at Bellus Academy in Poway. I was excited to be able to attend. I invited my good friend Maureen to come along for the fun. It was a great chance for us to dress up, hang out and be pampered.

We arrived and were one of the first ones there. We checked in, got the tour and hung out. We were excited and overwhelmed with smiles....Lash Bar by Lash Royalty, free massages, mani/pedis, hair/makeup, giveways, Vanity Girl Hollywood, Violet Voss, food, cupcakes and more.

Maureen and I immediately went for the free 20 minute massage! A much needed massage. It was so hard to get off the table from it. After our massages we went to the room that had new products. The Urban Decay products caught my eye! I was so happy to get to check out the new Summer collection and swatch the new colors. There were two palettes that caught my eye in the Anastasia of Beverly Hills collections and I am definitely planning on getting them!  Next I wanted to get my makeup touched up, from laying on the massage table. I kept the eyeshadow on that I had already but I just wanted my face makeup redone and had a little contouring done since I never do contouring. After makeup we tried to get lashes from Lash Royalty. While standing in line we got to meet other girls. I also got to take a pic with the wonderful EnKorrine, "sister" of Koren from EnkoreMakeup! We were bummed because after standing in line for at least 30 minutes we were told the lashes were for VIPs only. Well I wish someone would've mentioned that while they saw us standing there for more than 5 minutes! Disappointed, we left and went to have a bite to eat. Yummy cupcakes and pick up food. Everything was great.
Before the crowd around Elessa of Pursebuzz started, I stood in line to take a photo with her. She is so sweet. I was able to pick from a jewel ring or a headband and I was quick to choose a headband. Prior to the mixer, Elessa tweeted about Violet Voss and I had my eye on the headband she had on in one of the photos. I had planned on buying a headband while were there, as I thought they would be selling products. So I was happy with my choice. (Photo of the headband below in the BBC Goodies photo) Time went by so quick we didn't get to do everything we wanted to. We wanted to get our nails done, but there was a line. By that time is was 4pm and Elessa was doing the giveaways. There were so many awesome giveaways, unfortunately I didn't win any. But there were so many things I wish I had won!! (The Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror) Yes! They raffled off this baby!

After the raffles were done I was able to sit down and get my hair styled. I wanted curls because I don't know how to curl my own hair! I know, pathetic huh? Well do you blame me? My hair is naturally thick and curly and it takes me time to straighten it. So after I straighten it, I never like trying to put time into curling it again. I know, I suck!

Everyone loves goodies. Goodie bags or "Swag bags" as they say in Hollywood were handed out as we left the event. Before leaving the parking lot we checked in the bags. Oh my!!! So many goodies. Makeup Forever, Nyx Cosmetics, L'oreal products, Sebastian, Anastasia and more. It was so exciting to get a goodie bag of such great products. I am very excited to use my Anastasia mascara. I love their brow powder. I've been using it for over a year now.
All in all the event went off with a bang! Lots of bows, lots of balloons and lots of cupcakes! A great experience with all of the beauty and makeup gurus as well as with the Bellus Academy students.

Extra special thanks to Elessa for allowing fans to be a part of this event.
For my photos, please check out: Bows, Balloons, Cupcakes - Beauty Mixer photos