Sun Goes Down : Separation Anxiety begins

At what age does separation anxiety end? My 3 year old, Kameron is in no way shy or incapable of enjoying moments without me, but the bedtime seems to scare him, or make him need me more than ever. He either needs me to lay with him, or he snuggles right in between my Husband and I, grabbing my arm in fear of me leaving side.

We've had our ups and downs in this department. I'd say sleeping on his own, in his own room throughout the night has been more of a challenge than petty training. I've done so much to make his room nice and comforting for him, but in the morning he always seems to wake up in between my Husband and I. Since before he was born I put so much time into decorating his room. Custom paint, baby friendly decor, comfortable setting..etc. It is still not enough to get him to stay in his bed. Normally he will come into our room halfway through the night.

I've tried to stay consistent to bring him back into his room, but honestly who doesn't get the urge to stay in bed, while welcoming their little one to join in the comfortness? For awhile I have to admit I loved how it made me feel so needed. But after endless nights of crammed sleep space for myself, broken sleep and no moment of peace and quiet for myself, I have to do SOMETHING!

So regardless of what some Moms might think, I'm resulting into bribery. I've tried to ask him what he doesn't like about his room. I've talked to him about big boys sleeping in their big boy beds. It seems to go in one ear and out the other. He'll try to prove me wrong and fall asleep on his own, in his own room, all through the night. In just days later, my hopes get high and relapses...there he is beside me in bed or begging me to sleep with him. I know he's capable of sleeping on his own, he just choose not to.

I would love to hear from other did you deal with nighttime separation anxiety?