I've got mail! {Sigma: Eyes Kit}

Why is it that when I'm expecting something great in the mail...I'm out of town or forget to check the mail? That's exactly what happened when I was expecting my Sigma brushes. It would've been a perfect gift in the mail (for myself) on Valentine's Day! I purchased the Sigmax brushes as my first brushes from Sigma. I fell in love with them because I am not a big "foundation" or face makeup fan..until NOW. These brushes made it so easy to apply and look flawless. The F80 and F82 are my favorites! So when I looked into buying something else I thought what's the next best thing...the eye kit. I honestly didn't think I truly needed more brushes, but because I couldn't afford to buy a whole set of MAC brushes, why not?
I actually had planned on buying Sedona Lace brushes but they sold out of the black set when I was looking. And as I am with all of my online shopping...I wanted it ASAP. So I purchased the Eyes Kit from the site. I was so excited when I received them in the mail. As I mentioned earlier I had missed the mail, due to being out of town for Valentine's Day. But when I realized I had a package I opened it up took pictures and went straight to my room to clean the brushes! I couldn't wait to start using them. And so far...they're awesome. My favorite is the E30 Pencil brush and the E40 Tapered Blending Brush. Of course I also received the travel size E45 which is the FREE GIFT when you purchase more than $30 from Sigma. How cool is that?
So what's next on my Sigma purchase? Hmmm...Let's just say I'm still waiting for my Make Me Crazy brush set! As seen in my Perfect Valentine's Day Wish List post. Apparently I DID NOT receive it from my Sweetie. *sigh*