Help your kids learn to read - FOR FREE with MightyBookJr

With a son in EAK, (early acceptance to Kindergarten) he is already starting to read. He's a big fan of Starfall. We (together) log in and use the site daily. They use it at school regularly and it was recommeded by my best friend who is a second grade teacher.

I was reading some blogs this morning and found this awesome deal from MightyBookJr. It's a site similar to Starfall, helping kids learn to read and have fun while doing it. Thanks to Jen Price in Today's Mama's blog for sharing this deal.

Go to and click on subscribe. Enter the coupon code: LEARNTOREAD and you will receive a full year's subscription with MightyBookJr. This is a $99 value!! Talk about a DEAL! All parents love a great deal. Best of all it benefits your child who is learning to read, or who enjoys reading.

Check out why it's important to help your child learn to read.


  1. Thanks for sharing! My sister as well as my BIL also visited Starfall with their children! You're an awesome Mommy!


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