Sprinkles Cupcakes comes to San Diego

Of course I had to make a trip to our local Sprinkles store now that I don't have to wait til I'm in Arizona for my fix. After dropping off Konnor at school this morning, Kameron and I headed over to La Jolla. Through traffic on the 52, thick fog throughout the drive..we made it to the parking lot 10 minutes after they opened...and yes, there was already a line!!

Since I had tried most of the flavors before, I decided to try something different. The cupcake haul from this trip: Red Velvet (my fave), Chocolate coconut, Vanila-Milk Chocolate with sprinkles, Choclate Marshmellow and Peanut Butter chocolate.

Of course we waited til we got home to devour these. I had to do my best to save the Chocolate Coconut ones for Kevin. I must say, we love Sprinkles as we do our other local cupcake stores here.

Thank you for FINALLY opening a store in San Diego! You'll be seeing us again...SOON!