Febrile Seizures is NOT normal to ME, a Mother.

After a horrific scare, Kameron was transmitted to ER via ambulance. Here he is taking a breathing treatment in the hospital. 01.05.11

It all started Sunday night, a night of high temperatures and vomiting. During the night I heard choking. I ran into his room and saw my son in the most uncomfortable position. He looked like he was having a seizure. Although I wasn't sure since I have never had experienced one, I screamed for Kevin to come to Kameron's room. It was about 12:30am. I started to cry, not knowing what to do. He was choking, shaking, mumbling, but not opening his eyes. I held him in my arms and tried to wake him up. As he tried, his eyes slightly opened, but looked as they they were rolling back. I panicked. We put a cold compress on his head and body to bring down the temperature and after what seemed like forever (but was about less than a few minutez) we finally got him to respond and open his eyes. Although he was very droggy and still warm, he woke up and started to vomit. He had not been able to keep the fever reducing medicine down all night so that explained the high temperature. After everything was calm and the vomiting stopped, I tried to stay up with Kameron. He was so exhausted but as a Mom, I was afraid to let him fall back asleep and choke again. After 2 hours he finally fell asleep.

The next morning he was still warm and vomiting so I called his Dr. I had to wait until she called me back. So as I showered and got ready, Kevin had put Kameron in our bed to rest. Since he was still running a fever we gave him medicine and a cold towel on his head and back. As I got out of the shower I saw Kameron shaking, eyes rolled back, tense, stiff body, fists clenched....he was definitely having a seizure. I didn't know what to do. I screamed for Kevin (he was downstairs) and I cried hysterically. "Call 911, call 911!!" Kevin called 911 and I was just trying to get Kameron to respond to me. Again, what seemed like hours, (Kevin said it must've been about 40 seconds) Kameron layed still and I cried, thinking he was gone. The lady on the 911 call told Kevin to tell me to calm down, check to see if Kameron was breathing, lay him on his side and wait til the medics arrived. Of course that was not easy to do. I didn't want to leave his side. But of course I had just gotten out of the shower and had nothing but my robe. Kevin told him to get dressed so I can go with Kameron in the ambulance. The Fire Department, Police and Medics arrived within minutes.

When they arrived they did what they needed to do. Took his vitals and started to ask us questions. Kameron was still "unresponsive" at the time. He was still breathing and his vitals were ok so they weren't concern. But as a Mom...this was the worst day of my life!!! They all kept telling me to that it was normal, all kids go through this at least once between the age of 2months to 6 years old. That wasn't comforting, knowing that it was MY son going through it and that Konnor never had. As we got into the ambulance, Kameron was still unresponsive. They didn't allow me to ride in the back with him but in the front of the ambulance. All I could hear is them taking vitals and talking. I still didn't hear my son. After about 15-20 minutes we arrived at Kaiser and I finally heard my son crying, looking for me. I ran to the back of the ambulance and with a sigh of relief, my heart smiled. He was responding, looking for me and kept saying, "I want to go home" as he looked around at each medic that was with him.

Of course we went through the routine checkups, tests, lab work..etc in Emergency. The hours went on and it was still nerve racking. I had to keep calling Kevin, keeping him posted. I worried about Konnor too. I didn't know how much he saw when Kameron was having his seizure, or how much he saw when the medics were there. I'm sure it had to be scary for him as well seeing that happen to his little brother. Everyone was super attentive in ER. They immediately had him on an IV for fluids and wanted him to rest. He was such a trooper as they poked him for blood and the IV. Blood work results showed high count of white blood cells, which meant he was fighting an infection. Xrays results showed he still had signs of pneumonia (he was diagnosed with pneumonia in early December, which he was antibiotics for) as well as a viral and bacterial infection. Geez....my poor baby. They treated him with antibiotics and more fluids. The nurses kept him smiling with tons of stickers, which he loves. They promised him snacks and apple juice once the Dr. gave him the OK. As sick as he was and as uncomfortable he must've been, he was still in good spirits. I sat beside his bed the whole time just talking to him, we sang songs, he played games on my cellphone and we chatted. Of course he had no idea what happened and in a way, I'm glad he didn't. It was definitely not a sight for any parent to go through. He was cool and calm and didn't fight to go home. Although every now and then he did express that he wanted to just rest in his own bed at home. (I don't blame him) 

Checked into Pediatrics and SMILING
After a few hours they admitted us into Pediatrics where they wanted to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't spike a fever again. By then he was able to eat, drink and be more comfortable in his own room. Because he was still contagious, we were lucky to receive a room to ourselves.  
I stayed with Kameron through the night. Konnor and Kevin came and brought us food and some of Kameron's favorite things. Konnor even let him borrow his blanket. Kameron enjoyed being able to watch TV as he pleased, didn't have to fight with his brother over the TV and toys. Since he was considered "contagious" he wasn't allow to enjoy the playful rooms of the Pediatrics playroom, but he was able to watch DVDs, play Wii in the room and order any snacks and foods that he wanted. He was loving the attention!!


  1. I don't have the words...I am so glad that he is OK. That is terrifying. Thank you for sharing your story - I've never heard of Febrile Seizures, I'm glad you've made me aware. Little Kameron is a trooper, I love that smile - brave boy!

  2. Oh how SCARY!!! I went through it with Bella when she was little - so glad to know things turned out okay :D. XoXo, Mercy of MB_WOO.MOM


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