It's a New Year, New Beginnings

Another year has come and gone. 2010 has definitely flown by us. We were blessed to have had the love and memories of family, friends and outings throughout the year. We have had some challenges and changes through the year which has made us as a family stronger and closer.

With the New Year, we start to think about the new beginnings we will have. We've got plenty of trips planned for the year, new things we want to try or do and most importantly some new additions to our extended family. YES, there are lots of babies amongst our families and friends.
Konnor is still continuing in his music lessons. He's been doing a great job. He will soon be starting EAK (Early Acceptance to Kindergarten) and he also wants to do Karate or Teeball. Kameron wants to also join something so I think it'll be a busy season. Kevin is still in the Masters Program at University of Redlands and I'm continuing in the BSIT - Visual Communications at University of Phoenix. We're all pretty busy but we make time to enjoy eachother and our friends and family as often as possible. So here's to a new beginnings.