My 35th Birthday Celebration(s)

So my big 35th birthday came and went. I wanted to have a celebration that included my closest friends. The best thing was that I had my best friend from Arizona, Maria (who I call CEY) along with her Husband Abel celebrating with us. We had to celebrate a week early because Kevin had some important people at work coming in during the week of my birthday.

We started off the morning at The Omlette Factory in Santee. A wonderful homecooked style restaurant. Then we relaxed by the pool for awhile before getting ready to head out for the night. We invited a few of my closest friends. Kevin had surprised me with a limo that picked us up. (Mostly likely so we wouldn't have to worry about a DD for the night). Our friend Anders of AB Viking Limousine was gracious enough to be our driver at the last minute. If you are in San Diego and need transportation, call him up! He's great company too!

We celebrated at Barefoot Bar and Grill in the beautiful Paradise Point Resort and Spa. This is one of my favorite places in San Diego. The view is exceptional and it's relaxing atmosphere is the best. The night was a blast. Great food, great drinks and most of all GREAT COMPANY!! I love my friends. It's always such a pleasure to have them around. of course we had quite a few drinks through the night. It amazes me sometimes how much my friends can drink...and how much I can drink too! =) Heck, I drank a bottle of wine in the limo on the way down to Paradise Point! It was a nice dinner, nothing fancy or upscale. Just a relaxed evening full of friends. Just the way I like it! Thank you so much to my Hubby Kevin, my Bestie Cey and  Abel, The fabulous Chris and Sherry, Tammie and Howard, Chris and Melissa, Em and Steve, Manny and Brian for making it my night a memorable one! Anytime we're all together is alwaysFor those who weren't able to make it out that night, I missed you!

On Sunday, the 25th we spent the day poolside with the kids and our friends. We took over our pool and partied! THE MCMASTER'S are BACK! We love to entertain and love having our friends over. We had lots of food, drinks and fun in the sun. We made our famous kalua pork sliders, fruit, salads, grilled corn, pancit and of course  RICE! Good times as always. It was even more special to have all of the kiddos together enjoying the pool.
Thank you to: The Garcia's, The Corotan's, The Clauson's, The Brinkerhoff's, The Young's, The Dominguez's Erica and Landen and Brian Petretta for your company.