As we celebrate our 5 year anniversary...

Today marks the day of our 5  year anniversary. On this day 5 years ago Kevin and I declared our love and dedication in front of our closest friends and family in San Diego, CA. After over 20 years of friendship and after over 3 years of dating we got married! It was the perfect wedding. With a year of preparation, the day had finally come. I remember every detail of my wedding plans and how it all played out on that day. It was one of the best days of my life and blessed to say after 5 years we're still happy! Along with our 5 years of marriage, we have two beautiful, charasmatic and energetic boys who make it their job to never let us have a dull moment.

To celebrate our anniversary, Kevin planned a surprise day out. A towne car came to pick us up at home and we went Wine Tasting in Temecula. Even though it was just down the street from our home, it was a great way to spend our time with eachother and have a little getaway. Despite the gloomy weather, we had a great time. When isn't Wine Tasting a blast?