Summer Time is Here

Yes, Summer time is truly here. We had the "June gloom" throughout June...but once summer officially hit the weather has been scorching. We are hitting 100s these days up in the Inland Empire. It's crazy. It's been humid and sticky. Not quite the summer weather the boys and I had in mind for spending our summer days. Luckily we've been able to spend some time in the pool, sprinklers and slip n' slide on some of the days. But thank God for our air condition! Well, of course not when the bill comes. The fact that we have dual air conditioners can be costly. I'm a stickler for keeping the temperature at 77 degrees. Kevin cringes when he sees it. If it were up to him the temperature would be set to 80!

Regardless of the heat....we've been enjoying our summer so far. We've of course spent many days at SeaWorld and San Diego. We've enjoyed days with friends far and near. This is just the beginning of our summer. We've got a lot more fun to come! Stay tuned.....