Kameron is 18 Months!

Wow...already? Really? I find it hard to remember that he is only 18 months. The fact that he is such a big boy, I already think he's TWO! So he's in the 97th percentile for his age in height/weight/head! Yes, he has a big head. He weighs just 4oz less than his Big Brother Konnor! They even share clothes now! He is finally sleeping in his bed by himself and sleeping better through the night. He still has some issues waking up looking for "mommy" and sometimes having nightmares and crying in the middle of the night. But we've really made some progress. I thought he'd never sleep in his own bedroom and through the night.

He's become a real "copycat". We always have to remind Konnor that his brother watches everything he does. So we frequently say, "Monkey See, Monkey Do". Speaking of copycat...Kameron has taken interest in going to the potty like Konnor does. He hasn't been consistent, but has shown great interest and has since graduated to "Pull-Ups".

He's still an eater. He has his picky days, but is willing to try almost anything. His favorite foods are pizza, rice, chicken nuggets and french fries, grilled cheese, mac & cheese and several filipino foods. The boy even eats sushi every now and then.

Kameron LOVE Elmo and Blues Clues still and pretty much every other show and character that Konnor likes. He loves to sing, dance, read books and play pretend. I'm happy to have two musically inclined kids!!!

Although we've had a rough time weaning him from the bottle, we've finally come to the day where he would throw his own bottle away! YAY!!! I assumed it would be so easy as it was with Konnor.