Delayed blogs

I am so ashamed at how long it's been since I had last blogged. Believe me...the days have gone by too quickly, the boys are growing too fast and I just don't have enough time in my days to keep up.

I know a lot of people always ask me "how do you do it?"...between being MOM, a wife, a mommypreneur, a student and then all this fun stuff...I don't know how I do it sometimes either!?! As much as I like to document the days gone by, I get saddened when I realize that I had missed a part of the boys' life. I hope to keep this blog long enough for the boys to start reading. And if I can somehow save it all forever...that would be awesome. I want my boys to know that I have paid close attention to every little part of their growing up. I want them to know that I cherished every little step, every new word, all the details of their lives.