Konnor is 2 years and 8 months old

Our first born Konnor is turning into a KID!
Konnor is such a picky eater and an active kid that he's just 3lbs more than his little brother Kameron. Konnor weighs 30lbs and is 36 inches tall.
Although his vocabulary has broadened and improved through the years, he's got one heck of a brain! He's very smart, bright and has a great memory (except when it comes to me telling him what to do and not to do). Konnor has developed a very big imagination as well. I love to sit back and watch him play with his toys and listen to the conversations he has with himself and his toys. He's still very into music, singing and dancing. We have agreed that he has taken after his Mommy, not Daddy in the talent aspect. :-)
Konnor has taken much interest in his drums still. He also loves his ukelele that his Mama & Papa DeSoto had sent from Kauai a few months back. He has also become a fan of cars and trains.