Kameron is 10 months old

It's hard for me to believe Kameron is almost a year old! These past 10 months have gone by very fast. Kameron has grown to quite the toddler. He's eating almost everything, has quite the personality and has taken up a lot of his own activities as well as thoughs taught by Big Brother Konnor.

At 10 months Kameron is weighing 27.7 lbs (only 3lbs less than Konnor) and measures in 28 1/2 inches in length. He shares pants with his Big Brother already and has outgrown a lot of his wardrobe. Though Kameron got his teeth quite early he didn't sprout any new ones for a few months. Total he has 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. He has become much of a biter which is the habit we're really trying to break. He bites HARD!
At 10 months he just started sleeping in his own crib! WHEW! Thought it would never happen. He still has a hard time self soothing, but being in his own crib and room is one step closer to space in my own bed! lol
Though he's not quite walking, he's been cruising a lot for the past 2 months. He can stand on his own for a good few seconds. Everyone keeps telling me he'll lose some weight as he gets more active..and a part of me can't wait because he's quite heavy to lift and carry. As his hair is growing more everyday, he's also starting to get the curls!!! We thought he'd have straight hair while Konnor has the curly hair, but about a month ago, 1 curl appeared at the side of this head...just as Konnor's did early on. Soooo cute!

He understands things very well and had been using sign language and pointing as his best means of communication. He loves dancing and music just like Konnor. He's become a big fan of Blue's Clues and Elmo just like his Big Brother. I guess it's more so that he doesn't have a choice. ha ha
With just 2 more months til he 1 year old, I'm now starting to plan his Big 1st Birthday Party!!!