Doctors Appointments for the Boys

Today we went to the Drs for the boys. Since we have new insurance, it meant we had to leave our favorite Dr/Pediatrician at Rancho Medical go to Kaiser. (UGH!) Kameron had his 8month check up and Konnor had a physical.

The Nurse and the Dr. was very surprised to see what a "big boy" Kameron was. They didn't believe he was only 8 months. Needless to say..he's in the 97 percentile. He is not gaining as much weight as we thought he was. He actually only gained 1 1/2lbs since his 6 month appointment. He gained 4 1/4 inches in length. Thankfully this will help his weight. Dr. Liu and I spoke about the normal growth and habits of a growing 8month old. He tried to give me advice on how to get Kameron on a sleep schedule and to sleep in his own bed. That is the biggest challenge Kevin and I have these days. Kameron is very clingy still and always wants to be held and cuddled. Kameron has 4 teeth and is eating everything he could get his hands on. He's enjoying eating solids and "people food".

Konnor on the hand...hasn't gained much weight at all. He is getting taller as well. I guess they are both taking after Daddy. (Thank goodness) I spoke to the Dr. about the "terrible twos" and what comes with that saying. Everything from being a picky eater, getting attitude, potty training...etc. Aside from the potty training, eating and attititude, Konnor's been great at learning things. He knows his alphabets when he sees them. He picks up on a lot of things daily. Funniest thing is that he knows stores and commercials. He says the funniest things, just out of the blue. He's still very passionate about playing the drums and guitar. He now has a ukelele as well. He has been starting to sing a lot too.

All in all these boys are wonderful! Yes they can be a bit loud, active, hyper and picky...but they make me laugh everyday and have made my smile permanent! I couldn't ask for anything better!!!