Breakfast with Elmo & Friends at Sea World

We FINALLY took the time to go to Breakfast with Elmo & Friends at Sea World. It was fun! Konnor and Kameron enjoyed it..of course. Kameron has fallen in love with Elmo just as Konnor did when he was that age. And now that Kameron is eating (everything) it was fun to see him to eat like a big boy with us at the table as Elmo and Friends came to each table. Kameron stared and couldn't believe his eyes. He sat there in awe. Konnor enjoyed that Zoe opened his apple juice for him, Bert & Ernie pretended to eat his breakfast and Elmo kept giving him a high-five. After breakfast we picked up our photos we took with Elmo and Big Bird. We of course had to buy one. And we were surprised to get them all...I guess it pays to have Daddy as their Director! LOL

Enjoy our photos of Breakfast with Elmo & Friends: