"I wanna be a rockstar"

Ok, so we've noticed how musically inclined Konnor is. He's had a guitar, a keyboard and microphone, a harmonica, maracas and the one thing he kept asking for was a drumset! As cute as I thought it would be...I wasn't ready to tolerate the noise. Well...I finally gave in!! Well, more so we decided to let him have one because we're keep seeing how interested he is in the drums. We also rewarded him for his efforts in the potty training adventure! So for the first day he played for 4 hour straight! That's right...I couldn't get him off the drums! Thankfully they are not as loud and annoying as I thought it would be. Or maybe he's not such bad drummer afterall! He has rhythm! And so here he is...the new "Travis Barker" of all drummers....

And of course Kameron being his big brother's biggest fan..he had to join in on his tambourine.