4th of July 2008

We spent 4th of July in Temecula at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park. Thanks to Joan and Leonard who invited us to celebrate with them again. This is our 2nd year in a row celebrating the 4th with them.
Kevin had to work today, so the boys and I made our way out to the park. It was HOT! We didn't head over until around 3pm so I knew it would be crowded. I knew I'd have a hard time finding parking. Sure enough we got there and most of the parking lots were full. I decided to go into the parking lot closest to the park and I was lucky! I found a parking and didn't have to park on the street and haul the boys up and over the hill!
Here are the boys cooling off. Konnor had to take his shirt off and spray himself with the water spritzer.

And here they are watching fireworks!! Kameron loves them! Though not his first time watching them. He has seen them at Sea World as well on two different occasions.