Happy Halloween

Another Halloween come and gone! Konnor was Mickey Mouse this year. He had several costumes, but he only wanted to wear the Mickey costume.

Kevin was able to work an early shift this year so that we could take Konnor trick or treating. We took him to the mall. Funny thing is that he fell asleep as soon as we headed to the mall. (He didn't nap today) He was SO tired he slept for 30minutes while we sat in the food court of the mall and just people watched. We finally woke him up. Once he noticed everyone else in costume, he was wide awake. Kevin took him to one store to show him how to "trick or treat" and from then on he thought he was a pro. He enjoyed going to each store and holding his pumpkin. Although he didn't say "Trick or Treat" he knew to hold his pumpkin out. He was always so excited and happy to show me what he had gotten. We got so many comments throughout the mall on how cute he was. He started to walk through the mall ahead of us. I of course had a problem keeping up with our little Mickey. Thank goodness Daddy was there!