Summer is over.

It was a long summer. It has finally come to an end. We of course have done a lot with Konnor this summer. He has enjoyed his swim lessons, playdates at the park, swimming in the backyard, playing in the water and visits from Mama & Papa.

We ended the summer with Labor Day week with Mama & Papa. They came down to stay a week with us. Konnor always enjoys his time w/them. Julian was also here so he loves playing with Julian.

I'm ending the summer in my 25th week of pregnancy. The pregnancy has been a lot better than when I was pregnant with Konnor, but still lots of aches and pains...the typical pregnancy pains! Although I had sciatica pains with Konnor, I'm having it even worse with this pregnancy. There have been times when I couldn't even get up, walk, stand or sit in certain positions. The Dr. has only recommended that I alleviate all I can to not irritate it. I don't pick up Konnor if I don't have to, I elevate my legs as much as possible and I had even stopped going to the gym because it just irritated my back more. My next appointment is Monday and my Dr. is going to think about sending me to physical therapy. He says that if it's happening so strongly at this time of the pregnancy, it may only worsen. On top of the sciatica pain, my blood pressure has gone up. I knew it was too good to be true. Next appointment I will be taking my glucose test as well. Oh no! Gestational diabetes......I have a feeling I will have it again.