Konnor's 18 month checkup

WOW! He's 18 months already! He'll be 2 years old before we know it. This morning we had his well baby checkup. He didn't have to have his shots this time since he got caught up with them at his last well baby visit.

Weight: 26 lbs Height 33.5"

Recent Milestones: Konnor is learning to recite his ABCs. He talks alot but is showing lots of signs of "actual words". Some of the things he says are "hot", "cold", "oh no", "owee", "Da-Da", "Mom-Mom", "Ma", "Pa", "Bad", "One", "Two", "ear", "Eyes", "shoes"...to name a few. He went to his first concert for his favorite show "Hi-5" in San Diego last week. He LOVED it. Danced throughout the whole show. He loves to put money into his piggy banks. Anytime he finds a coin, he picks it up! LOL He's becoming very interested in his new baby to be. He pays such close attention during my ultrasounds and he kisses my tummy every morning. He's gotten 3 haircuts since he has turned 1. His hair grows TOO FAST! He now has all his teeth (minus his second and permanent molars). The last cuspid just poked through last week. He's fairly a picky eater sometimes. Or he goes 3 days without eating real meals, just grazing...then he'll so well the next day. Still sleeps 11 hours straight through the night. Has been in his big boy bed for 2 months or so now. All in all it's been awesome being a Mom. I'm fortunate to be a SAHM able to see Konnor learn and experience new things everyday. He amazes me how fast he learns and how mellow of a boy he is. Of course he has his "boy" days but for the most part he's such an easy kid! I LOVE MOMMYHOOD!

We celebrated his 18m birthday since Mama, Papa, Uncle Ed, Auntie Samana, Cousins Julian and Nicolas were at the house.