Konnor is 16 months old

We can't believe how time flies. We say that every month. Konnor has grown up! He's becoming a big boy more and more. He's starting to become very independent. He is now using more "signs" (sign language). He's eating better now.

He has done well in his "big boy bed". He still sleeps 11 hours straight at night.

Some of his new doings:
  • Can sign "more"
  • Can sign "eat"
  • Can climb down the stairs
  • Is eating more vegetables
  • Still not eating much "red meat"
  • Loves taking my pots and pans and use them as drums
  • Loves kissing his "baby" in Mommy's tummy (even tries to feed the baby whatever he's eating)
  • Says "up"
  • Says "apple"

So far he's having a great summer. We started swim lessons again on July 2nd. A little earlier than last year. He's still very comfortable in the water. He loves it. He's gone to several amusement parks already this summer. He has so much fun, no matter what he does.