2nd Prenatal Appointment - 12 weeks

This morning we started the day early. Had to take Daddy's car for servicing before our trip up to the Bay Area. What should've only been 2 hours, ended up being 4 hours and then some. They eventually gave us a rental car since the service guy saw how much Konnor was getting irritable. We headed home for a nap before I had to go to my OB appt.

First thing when we got to my appointment is we checked my weight and my blood pressure. Amazingly, I had only gained less than half a pound! I was terrified to get weighed because I felt like I had gained much more already. My blood pressure was also down. When the Dr. came in he too said how impressed he was about my weight gain. He says he would like me to try to maintain my weight for the next few weeks. We listened to the Baby's heartbeat on the doppler. Sounded great! 155. In 4 weeks we will have my next appointment and also be able to find out the sex of Baby McMaster #2!!!! YAY! Just in time before leave for Canada.