I must admit...I only heard of the place on an episode of "The Hills". When I discovered we had one right here in Temecula I had to try it! It's odd that there's one located here, but I guess I should be glad! According to their website, they're located in West Hollywood area, Long Beach, NY and other areas in Los Angeles...then there's little old Temecula!

For months now I've been wanting to go. As many times as we've driven by (being that it's on the main road to the freeway), we never stopped. Well today we finally planned to go! After dinner at a new sushi restaurant in Murrieta, we went to PinkBerry!

Supposedly it's real frozen yogurt and it's HEALTHY! They offer fresh fruit toppings, candy and cereal toppings! You choose. Plain yogurt or green tea. Pick your size and pick your toppings! OH SO YUMMY! Kevin and Konnor loved it too!