Konnor's 1st haircut

Ok, so we had to do it. After contemplating for awhile now, we decided it was time for those crazy curls of Konnor's to be tamed! We took Konnor to Buzz Bang Zoom, a kiddie salon right down the street from our house. He was excited to play with all the toys. He chose to sit in the airplane seat and watched The Goofy Movie while the lady started on his hair. He didn't like the sound or feel of the clippers. But once she gave him a lolipop, he forgot all about it. Of course we save a few locks of his hair. Once the lady was done with his cut, he looked like to new little boy! The curls were still there, but everything was just much neater. A before and after picture:

Afterwards Kevin, Konnor and I went to Diamond Valley Lake for a picnic lunch. It was nice to sit and relax and look out towards the lake. It was relaxin day off for Daddy!