Busy Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Saturday morning/afternoon we spent the day at Sea World. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day with Chris, Sherry and the kids. We finally told them the news and they were so excited. Actually, Chris didn't believe us. They couldn't believe we kept it from them, even after Chris and Kevin had talked all week long. :-) It's always great hanging out with them and catching up on our lives. The kids love playing together.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast together. We were all so hungry it seemed like we ordered EVERYTHING. After we parted, we went over to Kevin's parents house for awhile.

Konnor's has started this "diet" of his. Eat a lot, don't eat for 2 days, eat a lot, don't eat for 2 days. Is that normal?

He's enjoying music more and more everyday. He swings and sways everytime he hears music. He bounces up and down as he dances. It's so adorable!