Yeah Baby Expo

Today Konnor and I went to the Yeah Baby Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We met up with Tiffany and went together. Konnor enjoyed the Baby Expo. He got attention from so many people. We also got his headshots taken while we were hopes to get into something for his adorable face! (Of course I'm biased!) We also met Dr. Laura, Dr., Author. She gave Konnor a lollipop (which he has never had before) until now. And boy did he like it! It was so cute to see him licking it like a big boy. Eventually I had to take it away from him because it was just getting too messy.

After the Expo we went to lunch at Island's. Of course it was one of Konnor's day where he didn't want to eat anything. Chicken strips and french fries usually are a definite meal, but then again he also has his days where he doesn't want to do anything except graze all day long. So of course...we had leftovers AGAIN. Afterwards we headed back home to Murrieta. It seemed to have been a long day for Konnor because he fell asleep by 8pm that night. Great for me! Gives me a chance for "Mommy time" and to do things like this on the computer!