"Wow, that was quick!"

Today I had a Dr. appointment with NP Linda Clark. I love her. She's the best NP. I wish she was my Dr. Actually, I've seen her more than I've seen Dr. Boyatt. Anyways. I sat in the room waiting for NP Linda Clark. Konnor was waiting patiently as well. When Linda walked in she was smiling and said, "Wow...that was quick." The reason she said that was she had just seen me a little over 2 weeks ago for my annual "woman" check up. I had told her we were going to try to have another baby soon. At the same she said, "That would be wonderful, well hopefully your tests are all positive and you'll come back in 3 months telling me that you're pregnant." Well..here I am...2 weeks later and I'm PREGNANT! Little did we know we work so fast! LOL We went through the normal chat about my blood pressure and any other problems. She told me to schedule my prenatal appointment with Dr. Im and we'll go from there. Being that I'm a "high risk" patient, Dr. Im may not accept me as his patient and I will be referred to someone else. On top of that, I will have to deliver in Fallbrook or San Diego. That's fine with us because we wanted to deliver at Mary Birch. So we'll see what happens. Next appointment is: May 15th.

Kevin called for us to meet for lunch in Lake Elsinore. As Konnor and I drove up to Elsinore, I called Mom & Dad to give them the good news. Mom was extremely happy and said, "Thank goodness Dad is retired...all the Grandkids birthdays are all in a row." The meaning behind that is of the 3 grandkids they're birthdays are October, January and February. Now add December to the mix as my due date is: December 24th! Seems we'll all be together for Christmas!