It's TAX Day

It was a gloomy Sunday. We all woke up early today and lounged around the house. It was good because usually we're on the go. We went to the Murrieta Block Party. Since it was cold and overcast we decided to "make it quick". Basically there was a little carnival and different vendors in old historic Murrieta.

Daddy played the "goldfish" game at the carnival and won Konnor 2 goldfish. Konnor was so happy because he loves the goldfish that Mama has at her house. So now he'll have his own.

We went grocery shopping and rented some movies and wanted to relax for the rest of the day.

From time to time Kevin and I look at Konnor and just gawk at how much he's grown. We're so proud of how much he has learned, experienced and explored. He's a great kid. I admit he's very attached to me. I love it!! We have that special bond not only because I carried him for 9 months but also because I'm home with him for most of the day, everyday. He's slowly getting that "seperation anxiety" thing everyone talks about. He used to be able to play with his toys all by himself. This past month he won't. He always wants me to be playing with him. He constantly wants my attention and sometimes it's so hard. All in all he's the wonderful little boy I could ever ask for!