Hanging out with Cousin Julian

Ed, Samana, Julian and Nicolas were in San Diego for the week. Konnor and I went to spend some time with them. First we went to the Swap Meet together. Then we spent a few hours picnicking at Ski Beach. The kids played in the sand and in the park. Konnor enjoys the park/beach so much. He's learning to play in the sand with buckets and shovels, but he also tends to put the sand in his mouth! YUCK! So strange, cause we have a sandbox at home that he plays in outside, but never tries to eat that sand. Hmm!?

After ski beach we went to Belmont Park. Julian and Konnor rode a few rides together. Konnor always points to the Merry Go Round when he sees one. We also spent some time on the boardwalk just basking in the sun and smelling that ocean fresh air!

Later as the kids all started to wind down, Konnor and I went to Grandpa/Grandma McMaster's house to relax. They had been out of town on a cruise. By then I too was EXHAUSTED! That pregnancy tiredness and fatigue was started to settle in already. Luckily Konnor was ready to relax and watch a few episodes of his Hi-5 and Doodlebops. So he did just that.

Every minute now I think to myself.."Oh my...Konnor is such a fireball right now, how am I going to cope with a newborn and Konnor?" YIKES!