Growth Spurt

Konnor is definitely going through some changes! Obviously he's growing EVERYDAY! His eating habits are changing daily, his naps times vary day to day but for the most part he always sleeps 11 hours through the night! *WHEW*

I enjoy that he's so musically inclined. He loves music. All kinds! Any time he hears a song, singing or any kind of melody he turns to look. Lately he's become "obsessed" with Hi-5 and The Doodlebops. They're both a singing show on TV. He has both DVDs and can watch them everyday. He even dances to them. We have the CD in the car too and he always dances, waves his hands in the air and everything. TOO CUTE...ya gotta see it!

I love the little things Konnor does. He used to hum himself to sleep when he was about 7-10 months. Then at 11months he started to pull his curls out. Sometimes that's the easiest way for me to put him to sleep is to play with his hair. He loves it! Also the way he calls "Mom Mom" or "Da Da" is the cutest. Makes my heart melt!

Today I stayed in to do a lot of work. But we had to step out to go to Costco. Konnor enjoyed it. He loved sampling food! LOL