Feeling Good

I'm 5 weeks and 6 days today. It's going by fast already. I'm anxious now that I know what to expect throughout the pregnancy. I've been feeling good. No real nausea or any type of first trimester blues. (aka Morning Sickness) I'm hoping what they say is true..."second pregnancies are better than the first." I don't feel many symptoms as much as I did with Konnor. Peeing every half hour is probably the one I've got most. No weight gain, no sore boobs.....but I'm sure it'll hit me in the face any day now. "The joys of pregnancy" right?

Konnor is becoming "all boy" more and more each day. He has no fear. Loves to crawl, jump and climb EVERYTHING. He has turned our whole living room (and anything he can get his hands on) into a playground/jungle gym! Taking him out to the park to let him climb there is just not enough for him. Luckily he's a tough cookie. He doesn't cry when he falls. Nor does he cry at all. He whines. That's about it.

His favorite thing to do besides watch The Doodlebops and Hi-5 is dancing, singing (humming), riding in his Cozy Coupe, playing outside and he's starting to....RUN! Yup, run! It just seems like yesterday he started to walk. He also loves to look through his books while he turns his room upside down.

Today Konnor is 14months old!!