April Already?

It’s already April! It’s so tough to remember to take some time to blog or journal. Konnor has been so needy and active lately. It’s as though needs me in his sight. Many times he wants me to play with him or he’ll whine. He’s been good at whinning and throwing tantrums lately. It’s almost scary to think he could be starting his “terrible two’s” kind of early. I hope not. What I love so much lately though is when he says, “Mom-Mom” as he points to something he wants. Many times it’s food! LOL But he’ll say “Mom-Mom” almost with a questioned faced. It’s so adorable. And if I am not paying attention…he will be sure to keep at it to get my attention! He has also discovered his ears, nose and belly button. He likes to point to your nose, ears and belly button too.