12 Month Milestones

I now have 8 teeth...2 more peeking through!
I'm 32 inches tall
I weigh 23lbs 3oz
I can stand on my own
I can clap my hands and clap them loud
I took my first step on 2.02.2007 @ The Alkassawat Home
My first word was "Bye bye"....second "WOAH"
I can drink from a straw
I am enjoying eating...everything!
My favorite foods are bananas, jello, chicken nugget, french fries, pancakes, rice, waffles and grilled cheese
I'm NOT liking vegetables right now. I only like corn
I love going to Playdates with the Mommy's groups, Daycare at the Gym and to Child's Play (indoor park)
Mommy & Daddy are planning my 1st Birthday
I know how to "give hugs" & "give kisses"
I like to point to everything
I've taken over my Mommy's office space in the loft with all my toys
Mommy and Daddy always say, "My gosh you're getting too big and heavy!"
I can throw tantrums when I don't get my way
I have a new baby cousin...Nicolas, born on January 2, 2007
I have a new "Godbrother"...Landen.