"Postpartum", "After Birth", "Post pregnancy"...whatever you want to call it! People have always talked about how pregnancy is, how labor and delivery is, but no one ever tells you about postpartum and all that comes with RECOVERY! Warning: This may be TMI (too much information) for some people.

So far, recovery to me has been worse than actual active labor itself. Maybe it's because the epidural worked so well with me, I didn't feel anything and I only pushed for 30 minutes. But the worse part of it all has been the recovery from the labor, sutures and perineum healing. I can't imagine what a woman feels when they are recovering from a c-section, but to experience with a vaginal delivery has been pretty rough. No pain killers or remedies have helped me thus far. Temporary relief or comfort is available...but I needed relief immediately!
Other postpartum issues....Can you say engorged breasts? OUCH! Breastfeeding was a challenge at first and now that things are going fairly smooth, the engorged breasts are painful! There are times when my body tells me to empty out the milk in my breasts. It feels like books or bricks on top of my chest. I always wondered what it was like to have huge boobs...and now I know! It's not so fun afterall. Breastfeeding has made me feel like a cow! Milking all the and demand for Konnor.

Weight loss has been fantastic so far. Right after delivery I noticed how much of my stomach was all BABY. And since leaving the hospital I've been able to drop a few more pounds. I've pretty much gone back to pre-pregnancy weight and then some! WHEW! Hopefully I can keep it off and tone it all up.

No depression here. You always here about postpartum depression. I have none of that here! I have all cheers, smiles and love for what I've been experiencing. The birth of our child has been all tears of joy for Kevin and I. It's the most amazing thing in the world. Konnor has more love from us than he will ever imagine. It's an everyday challeng being new parents, but a great blessing that nothing can replace or take away.