Konnor sleeps 5 hours!

OH MY GOODNESS! Is it too good to be TRUE? Konnor finally slept 5 hours straight through the night. Unfortunately it didn't last any longer than that. Once he woke up to eat and be changed...it was back to the every 2 hour schedule. Darn!

He decided to wake up at 7am on this Sunday morning. Daddy was still asleep since he worked late lastnight. So Mommy decided to start her morning. Konnor and I sat in bed and did some singing and stretching, then went downstairs to sit in the swing while Mommy ate breakfast and did the dishes.

I was able to take a 4 hour nap with Konnor today. It was great. There are days when I just can't nap..but there are days when I start feeling delirious and my body tells me take a nap. After the nap, Konnor was up the rest of the night.
Daddy's second day back to work. It's been lonely without him home w/Mommy and me.
I found some other tricks that soothe Konnor. Today we did the following:
Sat in front of the computer while playing music, singing to him.
Tickled his feet when he cried. (He didn't completely stop right away, but it worked after awhile)

He liked the feel when I opened and closed the refridgerator while holding him.
We'll work on discovering more everyday! =)