Konnor & Kiana

A relaxing Sunday spent with Mommy, Daddy, Mama, Papa, Cousin Julian, Uncle Ed and Auntie Samana.

Konnor stayed home with Daddy while Mommy went to the store with Mama and Papa. When I came home I noticed Konnor was messy with crusty milk all around his mouth. Poor Baby! Daddy didn't even clean his face after his feeding! LOL

Later in the evening we visited Kiana, Uncle Sombo and Auntie Jen at their house. Of course both Konnor and Kiana slept the whole time we were there.

Our first time out w/Konnor other than the Drs. office and already we're showing signs of "forgetful" parents. As we left The Calaustro's house we headed back home and as soon as we walked into our house I got a call from Jen. Right away I knew.."Oh man, we left the diaper bag at their house!" Thank goodness we didn't leave Konnor! We're definitely NEW at thsi! ha ha Luckily they only live 5 minutes or so away. Thanks Jen!