Konnor is 3 weeks old

WOW! 3 weeks old already! With his changing attitude and facial expressions, Konnor is definitely growing fast. Still eating A LOT and crying a lot. I have to admit it's sometimes tough dealing with a newborn. As much excitement and amazing it feels having a lil' one, it's tough. His cries make me feel so bad, but at the same time, I can't always give into him. Babies are smart and they know what to do in order to get parents to fall for their tricks! But I have to admit...through the sleepless nights and loud cries, Konnor has Kevin and I wrapped around his little fingers!

We went to Daddy's work today to meet all his co-workers and do some shopping. Of course by the time we got there, Konnor was sound asleep in his carseat. Through the whole time we were in the store he was sleeping. Everyone enjoyed meeting Konnor and were glad we brought him in. Daddy goes back to work this Saturday so everyone was glad to hear that too. Unfortunately Konnor and I will be missing him being at home with us all the time!

It's been 4 days now...Konnor has been sleeping in his crib by himself through half of the night. The rest of the night he sleeps in our room. He's a smart cookie! He knows when I leave his crib side. By the time I walk down the hall and back into my room, the baby monitor is sounding off.