Konnor is 2 weeks old

Happy 2 week Birthday Konnor!

It's the first time I've driven a car in what almost feels like MONTHS!

Today was also Konnor's 2 week appointment AND circumcision day. =( We had the first appointment of the morning at the Pediatrician's office. Our morning started at 5:30am. Konnor was great in the car, as always. I was nervous for him to get circumcised. His 2 week check up went well. Dr. Cabalona said he had gained his weight back and is looking healthy. We had to go to the lab to get another jaundice test as well. When it came for the circumcision, I left the room and Mama stayed in the room to watch Konnor. I just couldn't bare to watch and see him go through such a horrifying procedure. After the procedure, the Dr came out to get me. She had said he was the best baby. He didn't cry, flinch, wiggle or anything during the whole procedure. I found that surprising since he's such a wiggle worm when changing his diaper. We had to wait around so they can check to make sure he wasn't bleeding and that everything went well. When the Nurse checked...I had to see it. They warned me that it would be "swollen" and explained to me how to care for the circumcision. When I saw how swollen he was I felt so bad. But again, he did so well and the worse part was over.

Once we got home, Konnor slept most of the day. Changing his diaper was a challenge, but Daddy and I got through it.

It's been 2 weeks today since we've had Konnor and it's definitely been life changing. We've had some rough, long nights but they're all always worth it when we look at the life we've created together. Konnor tends to sleep very well through the day and when he's awake he just likes to look around and listen. After 10pm...it's a whole different story! He wakes up every 2 hours on the dot. I'll change and feed him, then he'll stay up for another 2 hours staring around the room. By the time he's about to fall asleep..it's time to change and feed him again! Kevin and I have shared the responsibilities at night and it works out even though the nights are long. That's the joy of having a Baby right??