Jaundice Progress

We’re still in the hospital today. Konnor’s skin color looks great after being under phototherapy for the past 36 + hours. Unfortunately the Bilirubin levels are not dropping as we need them to fast enough, though they are dropping. Another blood test was taken in the afternoon around 2pm. We were hoping we’d get the results back and we could be ready to be discharged. The results came back around 3:30pm and it was good and bad news. =(

Good news was the level went down to 13….but bad news…it wasn’t 12 so we would have to stay in the hospital AGAIN for another night. By now, Konnor and I were getting used to the routine. Kevin on the other hand was more frustrated with the whole situation. As parents…all we wanted to do was to be at home with our new baby enjoying eachother as a family. It’s so hard not to be able to hold your baby when you want. Through the phototherapy, we only get to hold Konnor when we feed or change his diaper.

We made the best of the rest of the night. We went to visit Jen, Sombo and Kiana upstairs in Postpartum. Kiana was born on March 2nd. 7lbs 7 oz. She was such a cutie…full of hair and full, plumpy cheeks! =) I think she totally looks like Jen. Unfortunately Konnor couldn’t come with us to visit Kiana, but they will meet eachother soon. Jen and I plan on doing “Baby and Mommy Yoga” together starting in April, so it’ll give Kiana and Konnor to know eachother and play.

I weighed myself today! I'm down 10lbs already. So my weight gain was definitely all Konnor. I've got 3 1/2 more pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. YAY!